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Pointing is the mortar infill between the brickwork or masonry. It is the primary weather proofing of the façade, and is very important to the structural integrity of a building. We can undertake partial or total re-pointing on stone buildings such as cottages and churches and also stone walls.

AJ Hall offers high quality re-pointing which will leave your property looking great and will protect your brickwork whatever the weather conditions.

Unlike many companies, we carry out traditional brick pointing using trowels rather than pointing guns and we don’t oil common bricks which can turn them black.

We also carry out stonework pointing i.e. raise and cut, and jointed finishes. This is done with diamond blades to avoid uneven edges and gets straighter joints which sometimes cannot be achieved with abrasive blades.

All our work is washed down and cleaned off to avoid the new mortar falling out and gives better key.

Guaranteed for 10 Years

All pointing is guaranteed for 10 years.

Pointing with Lime Mortar

Lime Mortar is particularly suitable for older buildings as it allows the building to weather more. We have a number of clients who have specifically requested this for colour and preference. We can match the colour of any surrounding mortar with ready mixed coloured lime mortar.

Damp Proof Course (DPC) for Stone

Stone buildings are better with chemical DPC methods rather than traditional as some stone is random and not even. Most DPCs fail in time due to age and cavities which get damp due to moisture being trapped in the cavity often by insulation bridging the cavity debris. Debris should be cleaned out below DPC level which some insulation companies fail to do. Another option is to insert vents but joists can become rotten if the ends of the joists are in the cavity. All new joists should not be in the cavity and should be on hangers or trimmers.

Brick Laying

Lancashire Brickwork is also available to work on new developments and construction sites such as new houses and boundary walls.

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