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Sandstone lintel has a crack in it?

We can repair this with a waterproofing cement.

Damp patches around my windows?

This is sometimes due to missing pointing or porous brickwork that needs sealing. It can also be because the window is poorly fitted, is not sealed properly or has a corroded or missing cavity tray above the window.

Got a stepped crack in my brickwork above an opening?

This may be due to either corroded wall ties or lack of support over an opening such as a doorway or window. Crack stitching ties cracked walls together using helibars or reinforcing rods, allowing masonry to flex slightly but holding the wall in place.

If a sandstone lintel above an opening has a crack in it, this can be repaired with waterproof cement.

Got dampness above skirting boards inside my home?

This can be due to lack of air ventilation or wall cavities may need cleaning out.

West facing wall gets a lot of weather and there are damp patches on the wall?

Pointing or brickwork may be starting to crumble. A consultation is required to establish the severity.

Damp on ceiling above fireplace?

This could be because:
     •  Lead flashing needs replacing
     •  Chimney may need re-pointing
     •  Chimney pot may be damaged or needs a cowl fitting

My conservatory is leaking down the brick?

Check for correct flashing depth, re-point above or install a cavity tray.

Corroded brick in my roof space on the chimney breast?

This can be caused by water penetration between the slates or roof tiles not being sealed to the chimney.

Water under the floor and damp around my bays?

The path level may be running towards your house. Requires a tapered fillet to help divert water away from the wall.